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Tourists places in Assam
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This page to dedicated to tourists and important places in Assam. The places around Sivasagar are already described in the "Sivasagar Tourism" page.

Assam, situated in the north-east corner of India is a like heaven on earth. Assam, along with other six north-eastern states, are called seven sisters together (Sikkim is a new addition to it making it eight now). It is not only rich in natural beauty but also unique in its culture. The river Brahmaputra which is running from east to west is the life line of the state. The majestic and powerful river has create a geography unique to the region. The state is a plain valley created by years of flood by the Brahmaputra but surrounded by gigantic blue hills of the Himalayan. The geography of the region and also the climate with the highest rainfall in the world has originated very flora and fauna. India's very less known rain forests are found in the north-east region only. It is difficult to relaize the serene beauty of the north-east region until anyone witnesses it in real.

Colors of Assam

Assam and North-East India are known for its natural beauty, but the lesser known thing to the tourists and outside world is the rich, yet very diversive culture. The culture here is a true assimilation of the mainland Indian culture and the neighbour countries like Thailand, Myanmar, Tibbet, etc. The tens of tribes endemic to the region showcase very different culture among themselves. The only simlarity between them is the rich and colorful tradition in hand crafting, food and believes. Apart from the tribes the Brahmaputra valley people has a very open and liberal religious belief due to the vaishnavite movement in the 15th century and also the sufi influneces contemporary to it.

The tourism in Assam not only involves wildlife sancturies and scenic views, but also the ancient temples, religious centers like Namghar, various dargah and various cultural hubs like Majuli.Anyone visitng Assam should taste the both nataural and cultural beauty of the region.

Temples and other religious places


Aswaklanta is an ancient temple situated near Guwahati on the bank of Brahmaputra in a scenic surrounding. (more..)

Athkhelia Namghar

Athekhelia Namghar is one of the holy places in Assam. It is one of the oldest namghar and was center of Vashnavism in upper Assam. (more..)

Nagsankar Mandir (Temple)

Nagsankar Temple is one of ancient Hindu temple of Assam. Situated east of Tezpur, new Biswanath Chariali, the temple attracts large number of tourists every year. (more..)

Ugratara Temple and Jorpukhuri

Ugratara is considered to be one of the very impotant Shaktipeeth (Power shrine) situated at the heart of the Guwahati City. (more..)

Umananda Island and Temple

Umananda is an ancient temple situated right in the middle of the river Brahmaputra. Its not only a place of pilgrimage but also picturesque and a must visit place near Guwahati. (more..)

Kamalabari Satra in Majuli

Kamalabari Satra is considered as one of the most influential Satra of Assam. It has been not only the center of Vaishnavism but also cultural center of the region. (more..)

Barpeta Satra and Kirtan Ghar

Barpeta Satra is one of the largest and powerful satra of Assam. This five hundred years old institution has established a completely distinguished identity among all the vaishnavite satra (monasteries) in Assam. (more..)

Madan Kamdev

Madan Kamdev, the mini Khajuraho, is a scenic place for tourists and a true heaven for archeologists. Discovered as early as 70s, situated in a green eden on the Dewangiri hill of Kamrup district, Madan Kamdev is a mavel speaking the glory of Assam's medieval era. (more..)

Widlife Destinations

Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary

Dehing-Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary, situated in Assam is the India’s only wet evergreen rainforest. It is considered as Wild cat heaven in the world. (more..)

Other Places


Sitting at the juncture of three major rivers, Dihing (Tsangpo in Tibbet), Dibang and Lohit that create the mighty Brahmaputra, Sadiya is not only a place of extra-ordinary scenic beauty but also a place of historical and cultural importance. (more..)

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