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Athkhelia Namghar
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Athekhelia Namghar is one of the holy places in Assam. It is one of the oldest namghar and was center of Vashnavism in upper Assam.

Gate of Athkhelia Namghar

Inside - The Thapona

It is believed that Mahapurux Madhavdev and his diciples first established a Namghar by the side of Borholla river near Golaghat. Namghar is a center of Vaishnavism and religious culture.Historical reference of this Namghar is found in the time Gadapani, the Ahom King. Gadapani, later known as Gadadhar Singha, took shelter in this religious place when Lora Roja (Child King), then king of Ahom planned to kill ot handicap each and every eligible prince of Ahom. This was just to secure his throne. Gadapani first fled to Naga Hills to escape the wrath of his king. Later he descended fromt the hills to the plains and hide himself in this Athkhelia Namghar with the saints. Eventually Gadapani captured the throne in 1681. He was grateful towards Athkhelia and decided to entrust the place.

It is believed that Gadapani donated Eight Bigha land and 160 coins(equivalent to eight kuri) to the Namghar, so it was named as Ath-kuria. 'Ath' means eight and 'kuri' is an unit of 20 in assamese. Later it became Athkhelia. According to another belief, there were eight 'khel' (scoial divisions) in that area. The Namghar supervised the religious and cultural development of those eight khels, so it was named as Athkhelia. The eight khels were Bachakuri, Boiragikuri, Brahmankuri, Nangalkuri, Salalkuri, Kacharikuri, Borahikuri and Kakotikuri.

Satellite Map of Athkhelia Namghar

This legendary four hundred year old religious place is situated 20 km from Golaghat town. The Borholla river flows by the south-east of the Namghar. Currenlty it is considered to be one of the holiest places of Assam. The old culture of the namghar is still maintained well. Lakhs of devotess come to the Namghar in the assamese holy month of 'Bhada' (Aug-Sept). Shankarev, madhavdev tithi(deat annniversary) and Sankardev Janmotsav(Birthday) are some grand celebrations in the Namghar.

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