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Places to visit around Sivasagar
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Historical and Religious Places

Shiva Dole

Sivasagar and the erstwhile Rangpur is full of historic relics bearing testimony to the 600 years of the Ahom rule. The Shiva Dole standing in between the Vishnu Dole and Devi Dole has got the most imposing look and solemnity. Find more...
Shiva Dole Sivasagar Sibsagar Assam

Vishnu Dole

Vishnu Dol is one of the three great temples of Sivasagar. It is situated in the same campus of Shiva Dole. Find more...
Vishnu Dole Sivasagar Sibsagar Assam

Devi Dole

The third one of the great temples of Sivasagar is Devi Dol. This temple was dedicated to Hindu Goddess Durga 300 years back. Find more...
Devi Dole Sivasagar Sibsagar Assam

Sivasagar Tank

Sivasagar Tank, lying beside the three most beautiful Doles, one of the important habitats of migratory birds during the winter season. It is the most attractive landscape of the town. Find more...
Sibsagar Tank, Pukhuri, Sivasagar, Bor Pukhuti

Joy Dole and Joysagar Tank

Joysagar tank is the largest man-made tank in the world. It has a total area of 318 acres including the four banks. This tank and the three beautiful temples on it's bank were built the most powerful Ahom king Rudr Singha. Find more...
Joysagar Tank, Joy Dol


What is remarkable about this monument is that it happened to be a unique structure built for this specific purpose not only in india but in entire Asia at that time. Find more...

Kareng Ghar

The palace is a four storied building and arranged in gradually receding tiers. The top floor has dome like roof with a chamber. It had four watch towers originally of which now only two can be seen... Find more...
Kareng Ghar, Gargaon

Talatal Ghar

Recent archaeological excavation has exposed the remains of burnt wooden logs, post holes, burnt brick structures and pathways on the northern and western sides respectively. The remains of wooden logs and post holes suggest that a structure of impermanent material did exist at the site... Find more...
Talatal Ghar, Sivasagar

Gourisagar Tank and Dol

Gourisagar is the name given to a small village Bezgaon by the Ahom queen Phuleswari after the construction of the three temples. There is a huge tank dug in front of the temples. All the constructions were finished by 1723.. Find more...
Gourisagar tank dol, Sivasagar


Namdang Stone Bridge (Xilor Xaku)

The three hundred years old Stone bridge on Namdang river is one of the architectural marvel of Ahom Dynasty of Assam... Find more...


Ajanpir Dargah

KP Memorial Hall

KPM Hall of Sivasagar has witnessed many of the imporant events of Assam's history in last 75 years of it's existence... Find more...
KPM hall
Natural Beauties

Bor Xil(Shil)

Bor Xil is one of the very popular picnic spot around Sivasgar. It is on the foot of Naga hill and dikhow river flows through the place...

Dilih Ghat


Disang Mukh is the river mouth of the tributary of the Mighty Brahmaputra situated very close to the Sivasagar town. It is popular tourist spot for it's scenic beauty... Find more...

Dikhow Mukh

Tea Gardens

Other Places

Tea Gardens

Sivasagar Tai Museum

This museum, situated by the bank of Sivasgar Tank, exhibits the history of Ahom, who ruled the Brahmaputra valley in Assam between the 13th and the 18th centuries. The museum, started in the year 1972..

Bird Watch Tower

Gardens and Children's Parks

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