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Assamese Songs, Music, Mp3s - Listen and Download

Music and songs are essential part of assamese culture. Assamese traditional and folk instruments and songs are true reflection of rich culture. You can listen and download songs and music in this section.
Discuss, query and comments on Assamese songs and music in this forum.

Listen to Assamese Songs

Assam has it's own signature in music. From Bhupen Hazarika to Zubeen Garg, there are many Assamese musician who have shown their musical creativity in India and alll over the world. Listen to some of these ever green songs and also download in this section.


Playlist of complete Assamese Songs

Playlist of old Assamese hits

Playlist of new hits (after '90s)

Pepa - A musical blowing instrument made of Buffalo horns. It is an essential part of Bihu Songs in Assam.

Playlist of Hindi Songs by Assamese artists

Playlist of Jyoti-Rabha-Parboti songs

Playlist of religious songs (Borgeet, zikir etc.)


Music is in every assamese's blood. Be it a festival or a religious event, music finds the place of most importance. Click on the links below to know about each type of songs/music.

Lokageet Jyoti Sangeet Parboti Sangeet

Jyoti Prasad Agarwal - A name which will always be remembered in Assamese society for his contribution towards music and movies. The songs written by him are known as Jyoti Sangeet.

Borgeet Rabha Sangeet Zikir
Bihugeet Bongeet Biyanaam
Dhainaam Dehbisaargeet-Tukaarigeet  


Veteran singers, musicians and lyricists of Assamese music world.

Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Zubeen Garg Jayanta Hazarika

In recent days various singers from Assam have made an impression in various national level reality shows, playback singing etc. Zubeen, Debojit etc. are such names in the lead.

Angaraag Mahanta Munmi Bora Khagen Mahanta
Dwipen Baruah Joi Barua Bishnu Prasad Rabha
Mitali Choudhury  


Assam is full of talented Artists. Some of them get a break, some just fade away without any fame. This space features new talents of Assam who are thriving for popularity. OnlineSivasagr tries to find such talents and bring into the focus. Your help in this process is greatly appreciated. Find Talents..


Lyrics are definitely like heart of a song. The Assamese songs are very much rich in lyrics. You will find the simplicity of folk songs to complexity of life and society in these songs. To find the lyrics of few Assamese songs, click here.

Featured Articles/News on Music

Joi Barua's "Pitol Soku" released

20 June, 2013 - Joi Baura's much awaited second album Pitol Soku was released. The title song sounds very promising and truly energetic in Joi Barua signature style. The video provides extra horse power to the song too. It can be assumed that with this second album Joi Barua will create his own genre in Assamese music, a genre that fuses strong sensitive assamese lyrics in a heavy but melodic fast paced rock music arrangements. ....(more)

Dudul Saikia wins "Best Hindi Indi Pop Of the Year" Award

Alaap Dudul Saikia directed Hindi album -"Dil Ki Baatein" won the Best Indi Pop Song of the Year for it's song Mera Kya Hai Sab Tera Sung by Javed Ali and lyrics by Ravi Basnet. ....(more)

Papon - The Story So Far

Finally the long wait of all Papon's fans is over. His debut hindi album 'The Story So far' was released on 12th January, 2012. ....(more)

Immortal Moments - A Classic Photo Collection of Dr Bhupen Hazarika

Dr Bhupen Hazarika has left everyone from Assam grief stricken. But he is immortal and has the impression on our souls. Some moments of the legend were captures in camera and those will live forever in our hearts. ....(more)

Dr Bhupen Hazarika - The Maestro No More

It's probably the worst news in the history of Assam, Dr Bhupen Hazarika is no more. A news very difficult to consume to all generations of Assamese living anywhere in the world. ....(more)

Song of Hengool 2011 features Zubeen, Papon and Joi

Hengool Theatre's promotinal videos and songs for the season 2011 are a must watch. ....(more)

Alaap Dudul Saikia's new Hindi Album

Alaap Dudul Saikia's Hindi Album Dil Ki Baatein under Venus records features well known singer Javed Ali and assamese actors like Kapil Bora, Utpal Das, etc. ....(more)

Zubeen and Papon are featured in the same bollywood big release

Zubeen Garg and Angaraag Mahanta, two of the most popular singers of Assam, are carrying good news to all of their fans. ....(more)

Joi Barua - The New Music Sensation

Joi Barua launched his first ever Assamese album "Joi - Looking out of the Window". ....(more)

Swatantra - A new Music Album

A new generation Assamese band is launching their first album. ....(more)

Dhritiman Deori's Mon Akax

An assamese album with a fresh melodious voice and wonderful composition... ....(more)

Bolise Moloya Baa

Album of evergreen assamese songs recorded in Gramophones ....(more)

Ei Jibon Nohoi Xuna Bondhu

A new Assamese album with a different touch... ....(more)

Abeli - Nayan Nilim's debut album

Nayan Nilim, the well known Assamsese actor, has released his debut single on 2nd April, 2010... ....(more)

Umananda Duwarah - The father of only Gramophone Museum in North-East India

A painter by profession, Umananda Duwarah from Moran, dedicated significant amount of time and money into his passion for music....(more)