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New Music talents of Assam
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Assam is a land of art and culture. Since ages assamese artists have been creating masterpieces that are appreciated in history and in modern days too. Assam is the birth place to musicians like Bhupen Hazarika, Zubeen Garg, Parbeen Sultana, Jayanta hazarika and many more who have mesmerized audiences not only in India but across the globe. In recent years, Assamese artists have shown talents in various national level competitions, TV reality shows, bringing Assam to the limelight.In this section we are dedicated to feature new talents from Assam. We are happy to support these new names and wish them to grow bigger with time.
We are pleased to feature any new talents from Assam. Please drop a mail to or if you know of any new talents with the details.

Current Featured Band : "Joi"
JOI - Joi Barua, a new name to many from Assam, but he has already mesmerized the one who listened to his magic voice and composition. His first Assamese album released in the month of December, 2010 is enjoying the popularity in the new generation assamese audiences. Named as also "Joi", the band with influences of both western and local Assamese folk music composed music that have the potentiality to create a new wave of popularity in the region. Find More..

SWATANTRA - Swatantra plays a distinctly different type of music, which is previously unheard in the landscape of Assamese music. Clarity is one of the hallmarks of Swatantra’s signature sound. The expressions rise and fall seamlessly and the music remains lucid throughout. While the keyboards, synthesizers and percussions lend a definitive new-age flair to the music, the melodies are conspicuously Assamese. Lyrically and thematically, the songs echo the hopes and dreams as well as the frustrations of today’s people. Find More..

Talents Featured Previously

Dhritiman Deori

Dhriti Deori may be a fresh name in Assamese music world, but he has already attracted audiences across the world with his melodious voice and unique composition.

Nayan Nilim

The award winning artist has been known as an actor to the audiences. But his new album "Abeli" he is drawing attention of the audiences as a singer.

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