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Lifestyle and Culture of Assamese Society

Find various Assamese cuisines and traditional food in this section. There different varieties of cuisines and food habits in different corners of Assam. There various delicious tribal recipes too.

Main Dishes Sweets & Snacks Exotic Dishes

The speciality of Assamese cuisines stands in its simplicity and varieties of ingredient. Assamese dishes are less spicy than any other Indian Dishes, but carry richness of taste and health.
Rice Varieties Pitha Khar
Fish Dishes Jolpan Khorisa
Meat Varieties Laroo(ladoo) Tenga Aanja
Vegetable Items   Kharoli/Pani Tenga
Festivals & Social Ceremonies

Assamese people love to enjoy every festival. These festivals unite all communities of the society. These festivals are symbol of the Assamese culture.

Bihu Festival Social Ceremonies Pooja/Tithi

When it comes to the festivals of Assam, the first word that strikes is 'BIHU'. The assamese society is still very closely bound in the modern busy world.
Rongali Bihu Marriages Durga Pooja
Bhogali Bihu Sharadh Kaali Pooja
Kongali Bihu Shankardeva/Madhavdeava's Tithi  

Traditions of Assam depict richness of its culture.

Dress & Jewellery Crafts Instruments

The beauty of an Assamese woman not only lies in her face but also in her dress. The gorgeous Muga Silk has always been attracting any tourists to Assam.
Muga Cane Agricultural
Jaapi Bamboo Weapons
Eri Silk Bell Metal  
Gamosa Brass