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Talatal Ghar (Kareng Ghar of Rangpur)
Talatal Ghar Sibsagar

Talatal Ghar in Sivasagar(Rangpur)


Talatal Ghar is just 3 km away from the Sivasagar Town. It's pretty much near to Ranghar.


Talatal Ghar is the largest of all the monuments built by Ahom kings on the bank of river Dikhow.

Historical chronicle narrates that Rudra Singha (AD 1696-1714) founded the city of Rangpur in 1698 AD and constructed a palace made of wood and other locally available impermanent materials. However, the present edifice of brick masonry was built by his successor Rajeswara Singha (AD 1751-1769). The monument is built in a north-south axis with long annexes at either ends and at the middle. Except an octagonal small temple, guard room, three large chambers and a big hall with courtyard having separate entrance, the entire area on this floor is left open. Presence of numerous post holes on the terrace indicate the practice of erecting temporary shades occasionally to cater the needs of ceremonial gatherings. All the rooms were connected with small passages. Talatal ghar had three storeys underground and four storeys above ground.

The remains of this palace is standing tall in Sivasagar town. Though top levels of the palace having wooden works are completely destroyed. Similarly the underground levels are currently closed for tourists.
Front view of Kareng Ghar

Bortop (Guns) preserved in Talatal Ghar

Recent archaeological excavation has exposed the remains of burnt wooden logs, post holes, burnt brick structures and pathways on the northern and western sides respectively. The remains of wooden logs and post holes suggest that a structure of impermanent material did exist at the site. The architecture of this palace has resemblences of contemporary Moghals. Also the top levels of the palace had wooden works pretty similar to typical Assamese architecture.

Inside Talatal Ghar Sibsagar

Inside Passage in Talatal Ghar

The Tala Ghar is another must visit for the tourists to North-East India or Assam. It also carries historical and archeological values to the researchers.

Top Levels of Talatal Ghar

Top Levels of Talatal Ghar

Front view of Kareng Ghar

Entrance of Talatal Ghar

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