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Sivasagar Tank - Borpukhuri

Location : Heart of Sivasagar Town

Highlights : A large tank dug by Ahom kings three centuries back. Carries beautiful landscape with three tall temples on it's bank.

This large tank was built by Queen Ambika, wife of King Shiva Singha, in the year 1734 and named it after her husband. The tank is built on an area of around 130 acres. It was originally 64 feet in depth. The embankment of this tank is artificial and raised the surface of water to height of around 40 feet from the surrounding plain. According to historian Mills this tank was built in one night! The water level of the tank testifies to the advanced hydrology of Ahomperiod as the level of the tank never changes and remains above the level of the town all the time. Currently this tank's bank is the center of distric administration and also many parks, gardens and a museum etc. Apart from the temples the bank also carries a Church, a Buddhist Monastery and a Masjid, almost assimilating people from all the religions into it.
The Sivasagar tanks also known as 'Borpukhuri' is one of the important habitats of the migratory birds during the winter season now-a-days is also the most attractive landscape of the Sibsagar town. This tank with three grand temples has emerged as the testimony to the growth, development and consolidation of a culture - that continues upto modern times - in the psyche of the Assamese people.

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Sunset at Sivasagar Tank

Beautiful lotus in the tank

Birds taking rest

View of the tank from Dole campus