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Location : Ranghar is 3 km away from the center of the Sivasagar Town. It's just 5 minutes walk away from the Talatal Ghar, Royal Palace of Ahom Kings.

Highlights : An unique amphitheatre built by the Ahom Kings, symbolizes the pride of then Ahom kingdom. It resembles the Roman Colosseum in the fact that Ahom kings' used this as a platform of enjoying sports.

Ranghar is a double-storied royal pavilion of Ahom kings with unique architectural features. The central unit of the ground plan is rectangular and annexed with small structures of trapezoid ends making the entire ground plan like an octagon. The roof of the structure is parabolic which supported by rows of massive columns and semi-circular arches and shows Islamic influence in architectural features. A unique pleasure boat with makara ending marks outer beauty of the structure and a trefoil arch canopy rests at the top of the structure. The building also bears testimony to the use of locally available building materials used by the Ahom kings like Bora Chaul(a special variety of rice, sticky in nature) and eggs. The grains can still be found in its original form even after hundred of years of its construction. The present building was built by Ahom king Pramatta Singha (AD 1744-1750) for watching various games by families of royals. These included many of Assam's indegenous games like birds fight, buffalo fight, etc.
What is remarkable about this monument is that it happened to be a unique structure built for this specific purpose not only in india but in entire Asia at that time.

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At Dusk

Gardens in front of Ranghar

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