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Gourisagar Tank and Dole


Around 20 kms away from Sivasgar Town, on the way to Jorhat from Sibsagar on national highway 37. 26-55-07 North Latitude and 94-02-50 East longitude.


Three big temples and a tank built by Ahom Queen Phuleswari during the reign of King Siva Singha.

Gourisagar(Gaurisagar) tank stretching 150 acres dug by the first wife of Sivasingha queen Phuleswari in 1723. The temple of goddess Durga is also there by the side of Gourisagar.

Gourisagar is the name given to a small village Bezgaon by the Ahom queen Phuleswari after the construction of the three temples. There is a huge tank dug in front of the temples. All the constructions were finished by 1723.

The temples are situated on the northern bank of the tank. The three temples are Siva dole, Vishnu Dole and Devi Dole.
Front view of Gourisagar Devi Dole

Gourisagar Devi Dole

Siva Dole is the biggest among them. It is 32 meters in height and 60 meters in perimeter. The Vishnu Dol is 20 meters in height and 45 meters in perimeter while the Devi Dole is 20 meters in height and 40 meters in perimeter. The Devi temple is decorated with numerous terracotta images on it's wall. This carries the brilliance of the artists of Assam at that time.


Siva Dole of Gourisagar

Beautiful architecture and grandness of the temples and the tank attract tourists. The architectural design adopted for Devidole was Nagara, for Siva dole Nilachala and for Vishnu Dole it was Circular.

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