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Disangmukh is just 10 kilometers away from the Sivasagar town.


Disang river is a tributary of the Mighty Brahmaputra. Disangmukh is mouth of this tributary. With a very scenic beauty of the river Brahmaputra and Disang joining together, the place is also an ultimate destination for tourists to have a close look to the Mising tribes of Assam.


The best time for tourists to visit Disangmukh is the winter that in October month till February. In summer, Brahmaputra may flood the region, so not advisable for tourists.
Disaang Mukh

A lovely sunset at Disangmukh - Courtesy Jyotish Dutta

The mouth of any tributaries of the Brahmaputra normally attract tourists for their scenic beuty. Disangmukh is one of the popular tourism sites of this kind.
Disang river has it's own importance sive the historical days. It was important medium of transportation in the Ahom days. This river was supposed to be one of the border of Ahom's capital 'Rangpur'. During the British rule, Disangmukh servered as a very important port for any transportation from Sibsagar to other place.

Around disangmukh there are mostly villages of Mising tribes. The rich and colourful traditions of the Mising tribes can still be observed around Disangmukh. If you want to have a close look to the lives of fishermen in Assam, this one of the very suitable place.

Disaang Mukh

Boat in Disangmukh - Courtesy Sushanta Borah

Disangmukh is a very popular picnic spot for the outsiders. The best time to visit the place is winter when you can have look to the migratory birds also. The white and vast sand of Brahmaputra provides peace and serenity to the vistors. Boats can be hired to cross small canals of Disang to the temporary river islands created by the Brahmaputra. Visitors can also have a chance to see the river Dolphins of Brahmaputra here, whose population is decreasing rapidly.

The sunrise or sunset in the brahmaputra is a heavenly experience in Disanmukh. Disangmukh should definitely be in your list if you plan to visit Sibsagar.

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