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Devi Dole

Devi Dol


In the Heart of Sivasagar Town. It is located very adjacent to Siva Dole and Vishnu Dol.


Temple of Hind Goddess Durga stading tall for last three centuries. Durga puja is the most important festival of this temple. People from various part of the region comes during puja days for worship.

On one hand of Shiva Dol stands Vishnu Dol and on the other hand Devi Dol. This temple symbolizes the Hindu Goddess of 'Power'. It is 60 feet in height and 120 feet in diameter. There is a special space for worship beside the temple. This is 'bolisthal' is used only Durga Puja and Kali puja.
There is a temple of 'Shani', God of Saturn, near by Devi Dole. Devotees come to this tmeple in large numbers on saturday.
Devi Dol

Devi Dole and Shiva Dole(behind)

Place of Hindu Worship

Place of worship (Bolisthal)

Devi Dol

Shani Temple

Devi Dol

Another view of Devi Dol

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