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This section contains miscellenous articles and information related Assam and Assamese.

Definition of Assamese

What is Assamese? Definition of Assamese people, language and culture..

Assam Tea

Tea and tea gardens are part and parcel of Assamese society, economy and culture. Assam has two hundred years old history of tea cultivation started by British.

The Mighty Brahmaputra

The river Brahmaputra is the symbol of power and majesty for the people of Indian subcontinent...This extremely powerful river has not only caught the imaginations of farmers of the river valley but also the adventure sports.

The river Brahmaputra

The Great One Horn Rhino

Though the Horn of Indian rhino is their symbol of strength and power, it is the one of the main reason of their threatended extinction. Despite all the initiatives and efforts, there were 10 rhinos killed by poachers in Assam in 2008...

Invasion of illegal migrants in Assam

This article was published in "The Asian Age" on the Independence day , 15th August, 2012. Written by S.K. Sinha, ex-governor of Assam, the articles shows the depth of the Illegal migration problem in Assam. Sinha clearly termed the Illegal migration as a concern of national security. The very day of publication of this article, the riots related to illegal migration in Assam took a new turn, forcing thousands of people living in various cities of India to leave their education and profession and come back to their homes. This is not only a big loss to the people of Assam, but also a bigger loss to the country. We are losing gorund of both National Security and National Integrity due to some un-wanted foreigners in our own country. Today we are homeless at our own country and the government is not there to support the true citizens of the country but the illegal migrant who are slowly invading the region and changing the complete demography of the beautiful Brahmaputra valley. If we keep on playing these politics only on votebank perspective, the day is not far when the whole India will face another invasion, as Indian history witnessed every few cenvturies. The differnce will be, the invasion will be on eastern forntier instead of the western frontier all the time.

Mega Dam Projects - Impact on North-Eastern States

A design to tame the vast river system of the Mighty Brahmaputra and unleash the infinite power within it has been capturaing human imagination since the dawn of technology. One of the largest river system in the world, sitting on the foothill of the largest mountain range Himalayan, is nothing but an enormous powerhouse flowing over the a fertile land. This land, politically designated as North-East India, is now about to become the savior to the electricity starving future super power of the world, India. Is the dream that was harnessed even back in 1950s by the Indian government going to be fulfilled? Is the mega dam under construction on the Lower Subansiri on Assam-Arunachal Pradesh a fulfillment of that dream? How will science handle the power of Nature and cultural balance of local society with same hand? Will this dream be a curse or blessing to Assam and North-Eastern states of India?

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