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The Birth of Rangpur

Not known why this place was named Meteka(an aquatic fauna) or since how long it has been existing, but can be found it's references quite a many times in the History of Assam. British Historian J.P. Wade who came to Assam in 17th-18th century, mentioned Meteka as a place of large area consisting of many villages. Swargadeo(King) Rudrasingha shifted the capital of Ahom kingdom from Gargaon to this place and named the new capital as 'Rangpur'..... (more)

The Story of Sivasagar(Sibsagar)

In ancient times when Ahom kings used to dig any tank or pond, they used to name it with suffix of 'Sagar'(sea). Though the sizes of these tanks were merely of small lakes, these meant more than a sea not only for the kings but also for the people. Such a sagar is Sivasagar or Sibsagar. The speciality of this sagar is that a town, a sub-division and a district is named after this...... (more)

Sibsagar as described in the fifth edition of Encyclopedia Britannica published in 1911

Sibsagar, a town and District of British India, in eastern Bengal and Assam . The town is situated on the Dikhu river, about 9 M. from the left bank of Brahmaputra, being picturesquely built round a magnificent tank, covering an area of 114 acres . Pop . (1901) 5712 . In 1907 the transfer of the district headquarters to Jorhat (pop . 2899), on the Disai river, was sanctioned..... (more)

History of Assam

  • Chronology of Assam History

    The complete list of the important events in Assam's known History.

  • Hsuan Tsang - The epic visit to Kamrupa and first account of Assam's history

    Hsuan-Tsang was a world-famous Chinese Budhdist Monk, traveler and scholar whose recorded accounts of India during his sixteen years long visit to the country is still considered as the greatest account of 7th century Indian history by any foreign traveler. His travel in India also included Kamrupa (then Assam) and his detailed and auhtentic writings about the region gave the first base to the Assam's factual history.

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