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Songs of Hengool Theatre 2011
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Hengool Theatre is a leading name in the mobile theatre culture of Assam. A journey started by influential theatre personalities Late Prashanta Hazarika and Late Ela Kakati, the theatre is going beyond the traditional boundraries and bringing in various modern trends and looks that are appealing to the viewers.

Hengool Khiriki

Hengool Theatre's Khiriki

The Hengool Theatre has started this year's season on June 29th. Under the guidance of producer Sankalpajit Hazarika and designer Pankaj Hazarika, Hengool theatre presents three plays in the upcoming session built around contemporary relevance. All the plays have got hard-hitting and forceful contents. The last few years the Hengool Theatre has been the the trend setter with new standards in terms of stylistic techniques and effects. The expectations of the viewers are always high from Hengool community.

Hengool Morisika

Hengool Theatre's Morisika

The recent trends set the Hengool Theatre is the pormotinal video and songs for each play. This years songs are attracting attentions of the masses as it includes big names of Assamese music world, Zubeen Garg, Angaraag Mahanta(Papon) and Joi Barua. The three songs are placed in the plays to be staged by Hengool in 2011-12. The songs are also have a nice promotinal video for each. These plays are Abhijit Bhattacharjya's 'Chamak', 'Marisika' and Munin Barua's 'Khiriki'.

Hengool Chamak

Hengool Theatre's Chamak

The song for Chamak, Dum Dum, is voiced by Zubeen Garg. It is fast and strong number. The music is composed by Papu. The video is choreographed by Deepak Dey, edited by Samujjal Kashyap and camera work by Krishna Saha.

Zubeen Garg's Dum Dum

The song for Munin Barua's Khiriki is sung by recent sensation of Assamese music, Joi Barua. This a soothing number keeping the true signature of Joi's voice. The music of the song is by Anurag Saikia and lyrics by Samir. Choreographed by Bedajyoti Dutta and edited by Samujjal Saikia, the video also keeps upto the level.

Joi Barua's Khiriki

The Song for Marisika is by Angaraag Mahanta (Papon). Angaraag Mahanta represents a new genre of assamese music, his presence in the Hengool Theatre's music endeavour widens up the spectrum of popularity. The music for this song is composed by Arupjyoti Saikia.

Hengool has done a commendable job by bringing three pillars of new generation Assamese music under the same umbrella.

The leading roles will for these three plays will be played by popular artistes Ravi Sarma, Prasenjeet, Kalpana and Simi. They will be supported by Pankaj Pujari, Chandan Bora, Jatinjit Bora, Pranab Bora, Jeevan Hatikakoti, Pankaj Kashyap, Suman Choudhury, Ranjit Barman, Archana Pujari, Basanti Deka, Rekha, etc.

The viewers across Assam are eagerly waiting for this new ventures of Hengool Theatre.

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