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Rabha Sangeet

Bishnu Rabha was contemporary to Jyoti Prasad Agarwala and was an extraordinary artist. He contributed to each every field of art. The songs composed by Bishnu Rabha are known as 'Rabha Sangeet'

Bishnu Prasad Rabha(1909-1969) is known to Assam as 'Kalaguru' for his genious acts in art. He was an extremely talented singer, actor, artist and so on...There are more than hundred songs composed by him. He has given his own music to them and also used to sing them himself. All these songs are known as Rabha Sangeet and a new genre of Assamese music.

rabha sangeet bishnu rabha

Kalaguru Bishnu Prasad Rabha

Bishnu Rabha was an active freedom fighter and lyrics of his many songs reflect that. Many of his songs are also closely related to the beauty of nature. Some of them for children and very popular till date. All of his songs have the scent of indigenious Assam.

There are still thousands of music schools dedicated to Jyoti Sangeet and Rabha Sangeet in Assam. Late singer Dilip Sarma and his wife Sudakshina Sarma worked hard towards keeping Jyoti Sangeet alive in Assamese society and they were awarded with 'Sangeet Natak Academy' for their efforts for the same.

Some of the popular Rabha Sangeet are 'Xurore Deulore', 'Bilote Haalise', 'Roi Roi Keteki', etc.

Listen to few Rabha Sangeet

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Bilote Haalise
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Xurore Deulore
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