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Mitali Choudhury - The true musical talent
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Born and raised in a cultured family in Guwahati on January 10, 1960, Mitali Choudhury showed her musical leanings from a very young age. She was initiated into the world of music at the age of 6, learning to play harmonium and tanpura. Even at that age, she went through the intricacies and exacting standards of these instruments. She underwent training in vocals at age 7. Apart from instruments, she showed an innate interest in vocal music. Simultaneously, she also underwent training in Kathak and Manipuri dance. Animesh Dutta and Pandit Hiren Sarma were her guru for Kathak Dance. Mitali Choudhury was hardly 12 years old when she rendered her first playback singing for Asomiya film 'Anutap'. She got recognition very early and started singing even abroad at a very early age.

Mitali Choudhury

After passing out her matriculation from Panbazar's Girls High School, Mitali completed her higher studies from Cotton College and Handique Girls College. She is Akashvani's recognized artiste of Bhajan and modern songs. She also directed 'Akanir Mel' and 'Shemoniya Charai' at Akashvani.

She became a familiar name for music lovers from all over the Assam and even outside very soon. She superbly rendered the popular song 'Ketiyaba Mur Nijoke Eman Asahai Jen Lage'. Thereafter, Mitali Choudhury has rendered in a number of films like 'Mainajan', 'Rajanigandha', 'Priyajon', 'Jaubane Amoni Kare', 'Bukur Majhot Jhale', 'Tumi Mur Mathu Mur', 'Gun Gun Gane Gane', 'Horu Buwari', 'Aami Asomiya', etc. She also proved that she could sing Hindi numbers equally well. She created a mesmerizing impact on listeners with her renditions in Hindi films like 'Swarg Oha-Narak Oha', 'Waqt Hamara Hai', 'Lalchi', etc among others. Music lovers from all over the state can never forget her outstanding renditions in songs like 'Jumi Jumi Jumi..', 'Mon Bononit Asol Uruwai Sur Mathu Boi Jai..', etc. The enchanting music backed by Mitali Choudhury's melodious voice clicked in a big way with the public. Whether it's a western style tune or a complex classical composition, Mitali Choudhury was equally at ease singing both kinds of music. Her expressive style and emotional nuances were unparalleled, which really sets her apart from other singers. She sang many other popular hits with her unique voice like 'Burha Luitor Bishal Bahuwe', 'Bogakoi Dhunia Dekhi Morom Loga', 'Raati Mayabinee Moi Ahiso Kamana Hoi', 'Pratham Dekhar Madhubela' (with Khagen Mahanta), 'Aaru Nusudhiba Muk Phoolor Subhash Kiyo Bhal Pao', etc. Many of her songs went on to become raging hits.

Ketiaba nijoke song from movie Anutap - Mitali Choudhury

Mitali Choudhury, sang many memorable songs in over 25 Asomiya movies, several Hindi films, TV serials including the popular 'Mahabharat' and 'Ramayan', numerous audio albums, etc. till her demise on March 26th, 2011.

Mitali Choudhury's untimely death due to her long time illness from ovary cancer stopped the music world of Assam. But her contribution and talent will always be remebered.

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