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Dwipen Baruah - The voice in million hearts
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Dwipen Baruah is a name familiar to every assamese and his unique voice has memerized millions of his fans over the decades.

Dwipen Baruah

Dwipen Baruah was born in Guwahati in 1945. His father was Chandra Nath Barua and mother Jun Prabha Barua. He was the youngest among six brothers in the family. All the brothers in the family were very artisitc and very talented and their contribution towards assamese society is unmeasurable. His elder brother Late Brojen Barua was a pioneer Assamese film director cum music director. Similarly Late Nib Barua and Late Dibon Barua were both accomplished film directors and thier contribution to Assamese films are unforgettable. Another brother of him, Late Niren Barua was a very known voice to assam. Niren Baruah was an excellent news reader with All India Radio and his poetry recitation mesmerized many in Assam. Mr Ramen Barua, his another brother who owns the credit to bring Dwipen's voice to the public, is one of the best music director that the Assamese film world has ever produced.

Dwipen Baruah's early life was full of energy and sports, instead of music. In fact he started his career as a cricketer. He was an all rounder, with both batting and bowling skills. He represented Assam state in the reputed Cooch Behar trophy (under 19 years age) several times. He also led the team couple of occassions as a captain. Baruah also represented east zone at national level tournaments. His contemporary players included veteran indian cricketer like Sunil Gavaskar. Dwipen Baruah represented Assam state in the Ranji Trophy several times. Though his cricket career was promising, his brother Brojen Baruah, who by then was an established film director. Late Brojen Barua who was also a musician apart from being a director, gave him the opportunity to sing in the Assamese film "Dr Bezbarua" in 1968. Dwipen Barua is a singer of Assamese modern songs who has perhaps sang in the highest number of Assamese films. Beginning his career in 1968 he is still continuing in the same tempo as before with the same popularity rating.

Dwipen Barua is one singer who has entered the field of music from the arena of sports. He started as a sportsman, not an ordinary one, but as an accomplished cricketeer, an allrounder. His batting and bowling were equally well. He represented Assam state in the reputed Cooch Behar trophy (under 19 years age) several times and within that once as Captain and once as Vice-Captain. In 1964 in one zonal level national tournament he represented the East Zone team and played against the West Zone team, who had the legendary batsman Sunil Manohar Gavaskar as one of the players. Two years later Gavaskar was inducted into the Indian cricket team. He represented Assam state in the Ranji Trophy several times.

Dwipen Baruah's initial career was taking almost shape in cricket, when his brother Brojen Baruah invited him for playback singing in film. Baruah always showed interest in music apart from cricket. He was a music lover and also had a beautiful voice. Though he never had much formal training in singing, he used to sing occassionally. This lured his brother Brojen to do an experiment which resulted in great outcome. The songs of the film like "Moina Kun Bidhatai Xajile", "Junali Jodi Tumi", etc became instant hit. Dwipen Baruah became every household name.

Along with his brothers Brojen Baruah and Ramen Baruah, Dwipen Baruah composed numerous unforgettable numbers of Assamese music. Baruah recorded in close to 50 assamese films as playback singer. Undoubtedly he is the most veteran singer alive in Assam currently. Some of the popular movies he has sung are Manab aru Danab, Jug Biyug, Aranya, Lolita, Mukuta, Toramai, Mon Aru Morom, Abhijan, Ajoli Nobow, Koka Deuta Hati Aru Nati, Dipjyoti, Antony Mor Naam, Aai Mor Jonome Jonome, Iman Morom Kiyo Lage etc.

Moina Kun Bidhatai Xajile From Dr. Bezbaruah

Till now he had sung in 45 Assamese films which is supposed to be record. Among those films can be named Baruar Xangxar, Manab aru Danab, Jog-biyog, Aranya, Lolita, Mukuta, Toramai, Mon Aru Morom, Morom, Abhijan, Manaxi, Ajoli Nobow, Xonma, Koka Deuta Hati Aru Nati, Mukti, Dipjyoti, Antony Mor Naam, Aai Mor Jonome Jonome, Tumi Mor Kalpana, Iman Morom Kiyo Lage etc. The last film in which he sang was Suren Sorar Putek.

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