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Dhritiman Deori - Mon Akax

"Dhriti Deori may be a fresh name in Assamese music world, but he has already attracted audiences across the world with his melodious voice and unique composition."

Dhritiman Deori

Dhritiman Deori

Born in 1983 in Goalpara, Dhiritman spent most of his childhood in Biswanath Chariali. His music training first started there under Manjit Borthakur. In 1993, he joined Biswanath Music college to learn Indian classical music. His interest in music brought him to Delhi and there he completed higher trainings on Indian music. Then he left Delhi and joined School of Audio Engineering in Chennai. After becoming a Sound Engineer, he took a year-long sojourn in Varanasi to understand various folk music of India and also learnt Tabla. In Varanasi he started performing with local artists for some time and then came beackt to Delhi to join Media company as Music Composer/Sound Engineer.

Dhriti’s music is a mellifluous blend of musical genres that is deeply rooted and inspired by nature. A pioneer of sorts in alternative music in the region, his is a soothing blend of lounge and Indian classical that is sprinkled with elements of folk music forms. In 2009 he started his first project called Rhuthm of NorthEast to bring the rich folk music of the North East region to limelight. His latest venture is "Mon Akax" which has already claimed popularity and good reviews from critics.

Dhriti was recently featured in Rudy Maxa’s World, a television show in the US, where he performed two tracks from his debut album. He was also featured in BBC World’s Radio programme on Art and Culture - The Strand. His recent performances include that of ‘The Brahmaputra Beats Festival’ at the India International Centre in New Delhi and ‘The Northeast Festival’ at the Hotel Park, Delhi.

His music can be found in Myspace

A song from Mon Akax - Faguni Botah

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