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Album - Bolise Moloya Baa

This album includes a few rare Assamese songs recorded in gramophone records since 1924 to 1950 which have been rerecorded in the voice of Dipalima Dowarah Chaliha on the basis of the lyrics and tune of the original gramophone records preserved by Shri Umananda Dowerah, Curator, Gramophone Records Museum, Moranhat, District Sivasagar, Assam, India.

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Decription of few songs from the album:

Phoolu Phoolile Jonaye Hahile

Lyrics: Prasannalal Chaudhury,
Tune: Profulla Chandra Boruah.

Description: This is the Assamese modern song recorded in the first gramophone record in Assamese by Profulla Chandra Boruah in 1924 (H. M. V. Co), which was the beginning of a new era in Assamese musical field. This song has been sung by Dipalima Dowarah Chaliha as recorded in the original gramophone record.

Bolise moloya baa

Lyrics: Korunadhar Boruah,
Tune: Darpanath Sarma, Keshob Sarma, Korunadhar Boruah and Gopal Chandra Sarma.

Description: This Assamese modern song was recorded by Gopal Chandra Sarma, in gramophone record of Senola Co., in 1936. The same song has been sung by Dipalima Dowarah Chaliha as recorded in the original gramophone record.

Jurili Botahor Aag

Lyrics: Bonkonwar Anandiram Das,

Description: This assamese song (bongeet) was recorded by Shriman Charu Bordoloi in gramophone record of Senola Co, in 1936. The same song has been sung by Dipalima Dowarah Chaliha as recorded in the original gramophone record.


Bolise Malaya Baa


Jurily Batah


Phoolu fulile


List of All Songs

SongLyricistMusicOriginal VocalYear recorded
Bolise Moloya BaaKarunadhar BaruahDarpanath Sarma, Keshab Sarma, Karunadhar BaruahGopalchandra Sarma1936
Tumi Nuxuna GaanorAnandiram DasNirmal MajumdarNirmal Majumdar1948
Jurili Botahor AagAnandiram DasNot KnownShrimaan Charu Bordoloi1936
Bidayor PoroteKhiradakanta BishayaTaariquddin AhmedTaariquddin Ahmed1948
Phulu PhulilePasannalal ChowdhuryPrafullachandra BaruahPrafullachandra Baruah1924
Madhobor XiroteGanesh GogoiPermananda BaruahPermananda Baruah1937
Dakhinawori Gole AatoriAnandachandra BaruahPrafullachandra BaruahPrafullachandra Baruah1926
Hridoy Bidori UthePasannalal ChowdhuryPrafullachandra BaruahPrafullachandra Baruah1924

About Dipalima Dowarah Chaliha

Dipalima Dowarah Chaliha, is an approved artist of Assamese modern song in All India Radio. She was awarded as the Best singer of "Xur Xandhaan" (a mega Assamese modern song competition, 2007). She was accredited as the best singer of Cotton College in the year 1998-99. Several songs are recorded in her voice in audio cassettes and CDs. Along with Sri Umananda Dowerah she devotes to popularize the evergreen old Assamese songs recorded in gramophone records (from 1924 onwards) to the new generation through workshops organized in many places of Assam. Both have compiled a book of these rare Assamese songs with notations as recoded in the original gramophone records.

Courtesy: All information on Sri Umananda Dowerah and this album are provided by his own nephew Pranjal Dowerah, Moranhut. Mr Pranjal has also provided few songs from the album "The Evergreen Assamese songs recorded in Gramophone records". He can be contacted at

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