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Bistirna Parore by Dr Bhupen Hazarika
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Singer : Dr Bhupen Hazarika

Composer : Dr Bhupen Hazarika

Lyricist : Dr Bhupen Hazarika

About the Song:

Bistirno Parore is considered as one of the epical composition of Dr Bhupen Hazarika and one of the most powerful lyrics ever written in Assamese. It's a clear tribute to mighty river of Brahmaputra that flows thorugh the fertile land of Assama. It is the lifeline of Assam and has witnessed the complete history of the region. Dr Hazarika has avalanche of the humanity in the society and appealing against it in this immortal song. The music of song is influenced by Paul Robeson's 'Old man River' (only the first line of the song). This song is later translated into hindi by Gulzar as "Ganga" and also into Bengali. It is considered as a milestone composition in both the languages too.

Bistirna paarore
Axonkhya jonre
Hahakar xuniu
Nixobde nirobe
Burha luit tumi
Burha luit buwa kiyo?

Noitikotar skhalan dekhiu
Manabotar patan dekhiu
Nirlajja alax bhawe buwa kiyo?

Gyanbiheen nirakkhyaror
Khaadyabiheen nagorikar
Netribiheenotat nimaat kiyo?

Xohossro baarixar unmaadonar
Abhigyotare pongu manabok
Xabal xongrami aaru agragami kori nutula kiyo?

Byakti jodi byaktikendrik
Xamasti jodi byaktitwarohit
Tene xithil xomaajok nabhanga kiyo?

Tumiye jodi brahmare putra
Xei pitritwa tene naam matra
Nohole prerana nidiya kiyo?

Unmatta dhoraare
Kurukhetrare xoroxajyaake
alingan kora
bhishmarupi ajashra beerok
jogai nutula kiyo?

Bistirna paarore
Axonkhya jonre
Hahakar xuniu
Nixobde nirobe
Burha luit tumi
Burha luit buwa kiyo?


*** 'X' stands for assamese phonetic letter whose pronounciation is in between 'H' and 'KH'.

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