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Bihu Geet
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Bihu is like heart of Assamese culture. Bihu is a festivals and the songs sung in this festival are called Bihu Geet or Bihu Songs.

Bihu is the most celebrated festival in assamese culture. These festivals are celebrated thrice in a year with different ways. Among the three Rongali or Bohag Bihu is the most celebrated and then comes Bhogali or Magh Bihu. Kongali or Kati Bihu is celebrated in a poor way. Bohag bihu brings a wind full of sound of dhol-pepa with melodiuos songs to the every corners of Assam. These songs represent the joy of the colorful society of the place are called Bihugeet. Everyone enjoys the festive and harvesting season whole hertedly. Most of these songs are sung along with husori in every house of the village/town. Bihugeets usually have wide range of lyrics from the nature's beauty to lover's expression, from social awarenees to humarous stories. Bihu is the most popular folk song of Assam and is widely known across India. It is part and parcel of the most important festival of the region. It symbolizes colourful and rich culture of Assamese people.

Bihu Songs

Over the years Bihu songs have evolved from farm fields to modern stage. Every year, numerous Bihu albums are recorded and published during the Bohag Bihu season.

You can find some Bihu Song Lyrics here.

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