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Abeli - Nayan Nilim's debut as a singer

2nd of April, 2010 is an important day for well known Assamese actor Nayan Nilim as he released his first debut single album "Abeli" along with his website

Nayan Nilim

Nayan Nilim as a Singer

The award winning artist has been known as an actor to the audiences. His debut film "Rongmon", video CD series - Junbai, etc has been very popular in Assam.With this new album "Abeli" he is drawing attention of the audiences as a singer.

The title song of Abeli is a soft romantic number. The music composition and arrangement of the song is attractive and should be able touch the public's hearts. Nayan's soothing voice fits very well to the song and can be expected to be a critically and commericially successful album.

Nayan has to say like this about his album and singing:
"As far as music is concerned, you can term music as the base of my acting and the force that sustains my life. I act and deliver my dialogues in the same way like the tune of a song. There is a song for every purpose in my life from which I draw tremendous inspiration. And one day suddenly an idea struck my mind and I thought; why not make my beautiful friends who are on the other side of the screen a part of my afternoons and evenings!! this favourite pastime of mine, which has helped me spend most of my evenings has induced in me the feeling that I should share my afternoons with all whom I love and with all my heart to see that idea come true I have recorded an audio album in my own voice which I want to gift to my creators that is you- my fans and friends. The album is "ABELI" meaning "MY EVENINGS". I am ensuring that the songs reach you from every source. I will eagerly wait for your views, which definitely would surprise and amuse me. But donít you worry at all; I will also amuse everyone with something or the other in the years to come."

The artist can be contacted at

You can provide your comments about Nayan's album in this forum.