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Jatin Bora

Jatin Bora is the undisputed king of modern Assamese Film industry. He has acted in most of the super hit Assamese movies in last two decades.

Jatin Bora in Kohinoor Theater acting as a dwarf

The veteran Assamese actor Jatin Borah was born in Nagaon, Assam. He started his acting career in late 1980s. He first appeared in a very small role in the movie 'Kolahal' directed by Dr. Bhabendranath Saikia in 1988. His first film as a main role was 'Uttarkaal' co-acted by vateran Assamese actress Moloya Goswami. The movie was directed by Abdul Majid. The same year he acted in another movie 'Grahan' directed by Atul Bordoloi. After this there is no looking back for the actor. He acted in numerous popular films, also in Television serials and mobile Theaters.

In the early 90s, it was a dry period for Assamese film industry. Due to political instabilities, Assamese cinema were gaining much popularities. Few of the movies Jatin bora acted during this period are 'Uttarkaal'(1990),'Xutjya Tejor anya naam'(1991),I killed him sir etc. During this period Jatin Bora gained more popularity for his roles in various television serials broadcasted by Guwahati Doordarshan. 'Deuta','Sandhyatara','Writu aahe writu jaai','Naamgharia', etc. to name a few. His career took an upward curve during this period for his extra ordinary acting skills. During early 90s only he got involved into few mobile Theater groups of that time.

In late 90s when film industry in Assam gained back it's popularity and the number of commercial movies releasing every year increased, Jatin Bora's career also saw a diversion from a popular actor to 'super star' of Assamese cinema. 'Hiya diya niya', 'Tumi mor matho mor', 'Daag', 'Barood','Kanyadaan','Koina mur dhuniya','Nayak', etc. are some of the hit movies he acted in recent days.

As mentioned above, Jatin Borah is involved in the popular mobile theater groups of Assam too. He has both acted directed in many of the drama in theater. He has acted in theater groups like Aabahan, Hengul, Ashirbaad, Bhagyadevi, Kohinoor, etc. Recently he was much talked for his special role of a dwarf Jocker in the drama 'Pageant in Painted Scenes' for Kohinoor. This drama was directed by noted filmmaker Merajur Rahman Baruah.

Jatin Bora also acted in a hindi movie 'Kalasandhya' directed by Dr. Bhabendrnath Saikia. He did his directorial debut in 2006 with 'Adhinayak'.

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