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Janmoni - The Movie

'Jaanmoni' (Janmoni) is one of the much awaited assamese movie of the year 2011. The movie was released right after the big success of Ramdhenu and during the Rongali Bihu. Though it couldn't match 'Ramdhenu' in terms of quality and business, yet this movie is another hope to assamese movie industry carrying decent response from the public.

Janmoni - The Movie Banner

Directed by Rajesh Bhuyan under the banner of Deb Barkataky's N.K. Production, Jaanmoni is a multi starrer feature film. The star cast includes Jatin Bora, Utpal Das, Shyamantika Sharma, Arun Hazarika, Srimanta Madhav, Meenu Baniya, etc. The music of Jaanmoni is given by Diganta Bharali, Biman Barua and Mousum Gogoi.

Jaanmoni is the love story of 'Jaan' (Jatin Bora) and 'Moni' (Shyamantika Sharma). 'Jaan' a very flat personality in the film is well portrait by Jatin Bora as usual. The character doesn't have a strong face but goes with the flow. Jatin Bora has given life to Jaan within the limitation of the character. While 'Moni' showcases a mix of strong and weak personality. Shyamantica Sharma has also delivered maturely to the character. Utpal Das should also be appreciated for his performance in the movie.

Janmoni Movie Promo

Apart from the strong acting output, the movie suffers from a weak story telling. Critics are happy with the movies climax, but the overall story moves away from the grip at times. Also the story fails in the flow of the logic. Despite these weak points, the director Rajesh Bhuyan has been successful to bring this story out of the typical CD form of Assam these days. The beatiful locations selected for the movie within the north-east is encouraging. The movie is recieving good response across Assam during this festive season.

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