Director - Jahnu Barua
Screenplay - Jahnu Barua
Screenplay - J. S. Rao
Producer - Jahnu Barua
Editor - Jahnu Barua
Camera - Binod Pradhan
Music - Bhupen Hazarika

'Aparupa' was released in 1982. The movie starred Biju Phukan, Suhashini Mulay, Sushil Goswami and Girish Karnad. This film was also made into Hindi titled Apeksha.
Story :

A movie on the loneliness of human life. Set against the backdrop of a tea garden, it is a story about a woman who is entangled in a web of loneliness, courtesy her husband who always lives life out of suitcase. Depressed, she gets drawn to her ex-lover from whom she seeks fulfilment.