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Adil Hussain - Pride of Assam

'Life of Pi', released on the weekend of 23rd November, 2012 is making is a buzz worldwide. Directed by Oscar winning director Ang Lee, the movie is not only getting very good critical response but also appreciated by the viewers world wide. It's also a very proud moment to Assam, as the movie casts an actor from Assam in a very strong role, as the protagonist's father. The actor is none other than Adil Hussain who has already made his mark in Bollywood.

Adil Hussain

There are very few male Assamese actors (there are few actresses though) who has ever made a mark in Bollywood. Hollywood has even been more distant dream for Assamese actors. But Adil Hussain is the first actors who has filled this void.

Adil Hussain was born in Goalpara on October 5, 1963. He finished his scholling from Goalpara and then moved to Guwahati for college studies. He acted in college plays and also joined the very popular Assamese stand-up comedian group "Bhayya Mama". In an interview he expressed his childhood experience like this:

"I started acting at a very young age, during elementary school. As a child I was fascinated by the stand-up comedian who used to perform each year during the Assamese Festival of Rongali Bihu. I would invite the neighbours’ kids to watch my version of stand up comedy on a make shift stage constructed out of some broken beds on the back veranda of our house. I learnt by imitating popular Bollywood actors. I decided to become a professional actor when I was 16 years old. I almost became a stand up comedian in Assam after joining Dhrubojit Kishore Choudhury’s troupe. Choudhury shaped my early philosophy. He convinced me that performances are much more than entertainment; they should come from a deeper calling within. He emphasized creating a deep bond with the audience. Meanwhile I began to get opportunities to act in films, television and radio plays, and also recorded several audio versions of our stand up comedy performances. These sold like hot cakes throughout Assam making us very popular."

In 1990, Adil joined National School of Drama and after the completion in 1993, he joined Drama Studio London on a Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship. As an actor he made his first National level mark in Othello: A Play in Black and White (1999) under Khalid Tyabji. In 2004 he appeared as a lead actor in the Bengali film, Iti Srikanta, with Soha Ali Khan.

In 2009, Adil made a short appearace in the Bollywood movie Kaminey. Then in 2010 heleft his mark in the movie Ishqiya as Viday balan's husband. After Ishqiya he never looked back. Adil Hussain got a major role in the big busget Bollywood movie Agent Vinod in early 2012. Then came English-Vinglish where he did act as husband of Sridevi. Another major release of 2012 was Mira Nair's The Reluctant Fundamentalist. 2012 made him a known face to bollywood.

Remarkably, the greatest oppurtunity came knocking his door when he was starred in Ang Lee directed hollywood movie 'Life of Pie'. He appeared as protaginst Pi's father. Ang Lee is considered as one of the most celebrated director in Hollywood with three best director oscar nomination and one win. Life of Pi is considered as one master-piece by Lee and it is really moment of pride for Adil Hussain to find a generous role in the movie.

The story of Adil Hussain is getting bigger day by day. His works in the movies have been much appreciated by critics.

Assamese viewers will soon be able to find him in lead role of upcoming Assamese movie "Sringkhal", based on late Dr. Bhabendranath Saikia's short story. Another Bollywood actor Jaya Seal will play the lead female role in the film.

We wish the very best to his fild career and thank him for making Assam proud.

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