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Radio stations in Assam
All india radio channels in Assam

Radio is one of the strongest media channel in this world. Radio has seen various ups and downs in it's history and it has seen improvements with time to provide service to the people. It's one of the media service provided free to the public of India by government of India.

Radio Assam

Radio is definitely the first electronic media to reach public in Assam. The radio center(station) in Assam was started in Assam in the post independence period of India. It was started in Guwahati in 1948 with the efforts of first Chief Minister of Assam, Gopinath Bordoloi. It was a radio staion from 'All India Radio' that started back in 1936 first in Mysore. The first Assamese radio new bulletin was broadcasted from AIR Guwahati only in 1957. Before that News bulletins were transmitted from Kolkata. Since then there were quite a many radio stations were established in Assam in various towns or cities of Assam to reach every corner of the state.

Like any part of India, in Assam also the radio penetrated to every towns and evry villages. Akashbani or Akaxbani in Assamese is a household thing in Assam! The radio centers has given platform to various artists whether he may be a singer or actor for decades in Assam. One of the most popular singer till date in Assam, Jayanta Hazarika, started his career in AIR Guwahati. Similarly vetran film director, actor Munin Bhuyan started his got his platform via AIR Dibrugarh of which he was the director when he died. These just few of the hundred examples where Radio centers played an important role to discover real talents and producing them infront of the public.

The simplicity and variety in programs by All India Radio (AIR) could easily attract common public. Most of the radio stations in Assam has Assamese as the primary language. But they also transmits programs from All India radio delhi(Akashvani) or Vividh Bharati which are supposed to be of National level. Similarly many state level programs from AIR Guwahati are transmitted via all other local radio centers in Assam. The speciality of All India Radio which is now under centralo Government's Prasar Bharati, has been broadcasting diversified programs to the public. This is very much unlikely to the private radio channels which are mostly oriented around music. AIR stations used to broadcasts programs from news, music to educational, comedy programs.

Listen to the Radio Tune of AIR:

Some of the many programs which has been part and parcel of the Assamese people are:

Ansolik Batori (Regional News) in Assamese from AIR Guwahati
Gitimalika - Assamese songs on Demand.
Kalpataru - Hindi Film Music on Demand.
Gitanjali - Assamese Songs exclusive to Dibrugarh Radio center.
Bornali - Comedy from Guwahati Radio centre.
Kuhipat - Children's Program from Dibrugarh Radio centre.
Samachar in Hindi - All India Radio Delhi.
News in English - All India Radio Delhi.
Sainya Bahinir uddessye prasarita anusthan (Program for Indian Army) - from Vividh Bharati.
Vidyarthi - Program for Students from Guwahati Radio center.

The above list will go further long if all the programs with real impact to the general public are looked for.

Radio has become an essential part of the lifestyle for the people of Assam whether it is in town or in village.

Radio Tower Dibrugarh

List of All India Radio (AIR) staions in Assam:

Medium Wave (MW) Transmission

GUWAHATI - 411.5 and 289.8 Meters
DIBRUGARH - 529.1 Meters
DIPHU - 189.4 Metrs
TEZPUR - 266.6 Meters
KOKRAJHAR - 198.4 Meters
SILCHAR - 362.3 Meters

Short Wave (SW) Transmission

GUWAHATI - 41.21 and 60.70 Meters

Frequency Modulation or FM Transmission

JORHAT - 103.4 Mhz

AIR is trying to cope up with the recent technological revolutions. Now AIR - North East and AIR - Assamese are available via satellite DTH - Direct to Home services, anywhere in India. Also AIR has come a long from the requests in mail or pastcards to Demand on Phone.