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Gariyoshi (Goriyoxi)




Chandra Prasad Saikia - Founder editor of Gariyoshi

Editor : Dr Lakhshmi Nandad Borah

Publisher : Tribune Group

Monthly literary periodical

Description :

Gariyoshi is a very prestigious name in Assamese literature world. Big names like Chndra Prasad Saikia, Harekirshna Deka, Lakhshmi Nandan Bora have been editor of this magazine. Dr. Lakhshmi Nandan Borah has resumed his term as Editor in April, 2009. There are numerous literary and language research articles on Assamese have been published in this magazine. Not to metnion the award winning short stories and novels published in this magazine. Gariyoshi can be considered to be created a new literary era in Assamese literature like Prakash, Ramdhenu etc.

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