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English Daily Newspaper published from Assam
English Dailies

The Assam Tribune

Assam Tribune

Editor: Shri Prafulla Govinda Baruah

Publisher : Tribune Group, Guwahati

Description :

Assam tribune is one of the most cirulated English dailies in Assam. It was initially started in Dibrugarh by Radha Govinda Barua. It has been serving Assam for many decades and there are many special news goes into it's credit. The online version of the Newpaper is also very popular. It is currently published from both Dibrugarh and Guwahati.

Website :

The Sentinel

The Sebtinel

Editor: Shri Shankar Rajkhewa

Publisher : The Sentinel Group

Description :

One of the most powerful newspaper in Assam. It is highly circulated in Assam and loved by people for it's laguage and intellectual notion.

Website :

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