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Assamese Weekly Newspapers
Assamese Weekly

Asam Bani(Axom Bani)

Asam Bani

Editor: Shri Dilip Chandan

Publisher : Tribune Group, Guwahati

Description :

Asam Bani is the oldest weekly Assamese newspaper published from the powerful and popular Tribune Group. It has been serving Assam for more than five decades. There are many big names of the Assamese Journalism world are related to this newspaper. One of them is Nirod Choudhury who actively contributed to the newspaper in 1960s. His articles in page three on personalities and life incidents and also in cinema page increased the popularity of the newspaper. Choudhury himself became the Editor of the newspaper in 1991.

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Sadin Logo

Chief Editor: Shri Tilak Hazarika

Editor: Anuradha Sharmapujari

Publisher : Asomiya Pratidin Publication, Guwahati

Description :

Sadin is a popular weekly assamese newspaper published from Asomiya Pratidin Publication established in 1994. It is one of the pioneer weekly newspaper available online.

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Pragjyotish Logo

Editor-in-Chief: Shri Dhirendra Nath Chakravarty

Editor: Sachiprabha Das

Publisher : Pragjyotish Prakashan Trust, Guwahati

Publisher : Pragjyotish Prakashan Trust, Guwahati

Office : Nandanpur, Shiv Mandir Path, House No 2, Near Zoo, Guwahati -5

Pragjotish is published every Wednesday from Guwahati. This assamese weekly started publication from 2009.

Website :

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