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Arunodoi is the first Assamese magazine. This was printed from Sibsagar.

From the Baptist Missionary printing press situated on the bank of Dikhow river, Sibsagar, Orunodoi was first published in 1846(january). The punch line for the magazine was "The Orunodoi, Monthly Paper, devoted to religion, science and general intelligence". It continued ot be published till 1879 and finally in 1883 the printing press was sold. The editors of this paper included Dr. Nathan Brown, A.H. Denforth, William Ward, Ms Susane etc. Though Christanity was the main aim ogf the paper, it also included various news related to current affairs, Science, astrology, history and also trivia. This paper created a new era to the Assamese literary world. Assamese people got to know about the western world through this paper only. Orunodoi gave a new confidence to the Assamese literates to carry forward with Assamese dictinary , grammar and other essential parts of a language. This paper gave birth to three assamese authors, Anandaram Dhekial Phukan, Hemchandra Baruah and Nidhi Linai Pharowal. The Orunodoi used a simple approach instead of borrowing words from other languages, removing complexity among various alphabets, mainly pronounciation oriented word construction etc. Though this effort was not accepted in the long run, but the Orunodoi opened the gate to the modern literacy in the Assam.

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