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Xagor (Sagar) Dekhisa - Translation
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Devakanta Borooah(Dev Kant Borooah| 22 February 1914 - 28 January 1996)

Devakanta Borooahwas not only a national level politician but also an intellect and a genius poet. His poetry collection may be less in numbers, but highly esteemed by the readers and still very much popular in the Assamese literary world even after his demise two decades ago. 'Xagor Dekhisa' is a master creation of the poet and will never be forgotten.

Translated by Dr. Sanjib Baruah

A lucid translation of the master-piece by Devakanta Borooah. Dr. Sanjib Baruah is currently professor of political science at Bard College in New York, United States. He is the author of many books like "India against Itself: Assam and the Politics of Nationality", "Durable Disorder: Understanding the Politics of Northeast India", etc.


Have you ever seen the sea?
No? Never?
Nor have I.

I have heard though --
That endless blue waters
And boundless waves
Reach out to the horizon
Far far away.

Can you see
My heart is as blue as the sea --
Full of sadness?
A thousand waves of desire
Gush up and die
Kissing the edges
Beyond which lie
Of our togetherness.
Haven't you heard?
Do you not hear
The thunderous rage
Of the bursting storm in my sea?

Have you not grasped?
Do you not feel
The gentle, soft signs of spring
In the garden?
You have seen the rainbow,
Haven't you?
The serene glow of light
In the monsoon cloud;
Do you then see
The festive lights
In the love-lit sky of my heart?

Have you ever woken up
To the Keteki's heart-breaking cry
In the middle of night?
Have you ever thought --
That a bird's voice
Can carry our heart's pain?

O' my heartless lover,
I know what you think
You think
That you are you and me, me.

You would never know
Why we would make
Garlands of victory
Out of withering malotis?
Why we would build
Grand palaces of union
With bricks and clay --
Muddied in earth's sorrows?
Why with our heart's blood
We would wash
The feet of an image?
You won't know, my friend
The sadness
With which on a dull Bijoya evening
We would immerse our Goddess --
The same Goddess that we instal
With such anticipation
Just a few nights before --
On the evening of Xosthee.

It is getting to be dark
Isn't it?
No, we won't need lamps tonight
The gentle light of your two eyes
Will conquer
The darkness of my world.

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