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Saurav Kumar Chaliha - A Tribute to a Legend
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Saurav Kumar Chaliha, always known by his readers as this pen name, won the hearts of millions of fans in Assam with his unique writing style and modern outlook.

Born in 1930, son to prominent author of Assam Kaliram Medhi who presided over the prestigious 'Asom Sahitya Sabha' in 1919, he was named as Surendra Medhi by his family. He started his studies in Guwahati St. Mary's school, but later shifted to cotton collegiate school.
Saurav Kumar Chaliha's journey as a writer started as early as his school days. His travel experience with his father to Calcutta was published in Cotton Collegiate's magazine 'Pragati' while he was just studying there. His first short story 'Punjab Ximantar Xahajatree' was published in 1944 in the 'Parijat' magazine. In this story itself the writer emerged with his pen name 'Saurav Kumar Chaliha'. Later next year, another story was published 'Karl Marx'.

In 1946 Chaliha joined Cotton college for studying ISc. He was a brilliant science student and passed the exam with flying colors standing 5th in the state in 1948. Chaliha then opted for Bsc in physics in Cotton College only. However he got attracted towards communist and Marxisn during those days, and got actively involved into RCPI. This ended up with arrest and jail term for the writer. He had wrtie the Bsc final examination from the jail.

Saurav Kumar Chaliha - An Era in Assamese Literature

Saurav Kumar Chaliha brought the attention of the mainstream Assamese readers in 1952 when he won first in a short story writing contest organized by then popular magazine 'Ramdhenu'. The story 'Ashanta Electron' is a landmark creation in Assamese literature and a completely new outlook and modern writing style.

But Chaliha's conflict with the government due to his marxist activities took a turn and he was sent to London by his family for higher studies to avoid these conflicts. He completed his Msc in physics from London University and started teaching in a few educational institutes in Germany.

Home called Chaliha again in 1960, when he joined Assam Enginnering College in Guwahati in 1960. His writing took a full swing from here. In 1962 his first short story collection book 'Ashanta Electron' was published. The book took the readers to a storm. His innovative yet modern writing and expression mesmerized both critics and readers. The next year another short story collection "Duporiya aaru anyanya galpa" was published.

In 1974, Saurav Chaliha's short story collection 'Gulam' won the prestigious National Sahitya Academy Award. In 1995 he was awarded with Assam Valley Literary Award for his contributions towards Assamese literature. In 1990 he was awarded 'Lifetime Associate' by Assam Engineering College.

Chaliha's literary work mostly confined around powerful short stories. But he had some other significant contribution too. He has translated various western classics into Assamese. Ehat Daba (1972), Galpa Nohoy (1988), Aji Sukrabar (1992), Bhal Khabar (1998), Kabi (1999), Janmadin Aru Annanya Galpa (2005), Druna Aru Goethe (2007), Nabajanma (2008) are his some of prominent short stories and article collection. Abaruddha Sahar (1994) is a drama written by him. Chaliha's stories are published in almost all major Assamese magazine's of his time. He has also written two books on science 'Chintaar Beg kimaan?' and 'Mahakaaxot Pranor Xondhan'. Strangely he wrote these two books in his real name Surendranath Medhi.

Saurabh Kumar Chaliha was a media silent author whose contribution towards assamese literature is humongous. His literary standards are comparable to high standard of world literature. Many works of him are transalted into english which are applauded in the internation communities.

He was known to his fans and readers as only Saurav Kumar Chaliha for more than six decades. He carefully kept his identity in low profile. When he was awarded Sahitya Academy, he accpete it via post only. The Assam Valley literary award was received by his niece, on his behalf. In both the events the award acceptance speeches were read out by some one else. No photograph of him ever published in his books. No official biography of the great author ever published. He always avoided public limelight and liked to do his job in the backdrop.

Bhal Khobor - Written and Narrated by Saurav Chaliha

25th June, 2011 will be considered as a black day in Assamese Literature, as this day marks end of life of a ground-breaking author and a modern writing style of Assamese literature. Saurav Kumar Chaliha's fans stayed numb on that very day as he left for his heavenly abode.

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