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Miles Bronson

"This way 30 years has passed, but Assamese language is still flowing like the river Brahmaputra in the state and it will keep on flowing like this forever" - Miles Bronson supporting Assamese against the enforcement of Bangla language in Assam in 19th century.

Miles Bronson

Miles Bronson was born in Newyork, USA in 1812. He came to Assam with friend Mr. Jacob Thomas in 1836. He first started his works in Sadiya, Jaipur and Naamsang. He started interacting with Naga tribes and first compiled 'East Naga' Thesaurus. According to historian Mccangie, no European after or before Bronson could get so close to Nagas. But he soon felt ill working with Nagas, so he finally came down to Nagaon via Sibsagar.

In Assam Bronson started working in both Christianism and local education. During the period from 1848 to 1851 and 1867 to 1871 he took vacation from his works and went back to Newyork.

Miles Bronson was the main leader of the movement against government enforcing Bengali language as the offical language in courts, school in Assam. In 1867 using Jaduram baruah's scripting he published the first Assamese and English dictionary. The dictionary contained around 14 thousands words and published from Baptist Missionary Press, Sibsagar. This dictionary was another strong step in support of Assamese language. Bronson also started the translation of Bible to Assamese. Bronson also worked towards social reformation of the Assamese society. He established a school for both boys and girls in Nagaon in 1841.

Miles Bronson left Assam in 1876 with heavy heart. He said 'I am sadly leaving this place. My heart will always stay back here in Assam.' He breathed hi last in 1883.

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