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Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya

Birendra Kumar Bhatttacharya is one of the most respected Assamese novelist and short story writer of all time. He was first Assamese author to bring nation's most prestigious literary award 'Jnanpith' to Assam.

Birendra Kumar Bhattachrya

Born in 1924, Birendra Kumar Bhattcharya wrote his first novel 'Rajpahte Ringiai' in 1957. This novel was based on only one day events and predominated by his political and social analysis. His second novel was published in 1958, 'Aai(Mother)', which portrays the affects of modern civilization and economy on a simple village and influence a grave mother on it. One of his most successful novel 'Iyaruingam' was published in 1960. This story was based upon the Tankhrool Naga tribes residing inside Manipur and their sufferings during seperalistics movements of Fizo. This novel was able to buy lots of sympathy for the Nagas and was awarded prestigious 'Sahitya Academy'. Based on China's India attack in 1964, he wrote another novel 'Shataghni'(1964). His most influntial novel was 'Mritunjoy'(1979). It depicts a clear picture of the struggle and commitments of Assamese scoiety in 1942 in pre-independance days against British rule. This novel brought him the most rpestigious literary award in India, 'Jnanpith', in 1979. He was the first assamese author to be awarded with 'Jnanpith'. Another special novel from him was 'Pratipad' whioh portrays the labour movement in 1938-39 in Digboi oil town. In later stage of his life he wrote novels like 'Ranga Megh', 'Ballari', 'Daaini' etc.

Apart from great novels, Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya wrote some great stories too. Similar to his novels his short stories also magnify the love and reality of life. 'Kolong aajiu boi'(1962) is collection of his greatest stories. Another collection of stories is 'Satsori'(1963). His style of writing was very simple and controlled, and was able bring up the reality picture of life very efficieantly. He also wrote some good poems published in the magazine 'Jayanti'.

Bhattacharya's contributions to the Assamese literature was really unforgottable. He was made president of respected 'Asom Sahitya Sabha'. This great Assamese author died in 1997 at the age of 83.

You can discuss more about Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya and Assamese literature here.

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