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Assamese Script


Assamese script has evolved from ancient Indian acript 'Brahmi'. Brahmi had various classes and assamese is believed to be originated from Gupta Brahmi Script.
The history of Assamese language can be divided into three main era:
  • Ancient Assmese script: From Tifth century A.D. to Thirteenth century.
  • Medieval Assamese script: From Thirteenth century A.D. to Nineteenth century till the Arunodoi era.
  • Modern Assamese script: From Nineteenth century A.D. to till date.

Assamese albhabets can be divided into four main parts:


There are total of 11 vowels in Assamese script. The vowels are listed in the following table:


There are total of 41 consotants.

Consonant Conjuncts (Juktakkhar):

Some examples of 'Juktakkhar' below:

ণ্ড শ্ব ল্ল ন্দ জ্ঞ
হ্ন ঞ্জ প্ল ব্ব ব্দ