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The Birth of Rangpur

Not known why this place was named Meteka(an aquatic plant) or since how long it has been existing, but can be found it's references quite a many times in the History of Assam. British Historian J.P. Wade who came to Assam in 17th-18th century, mentioned Meteka as a place of large area consisting of many villages. Swargadeo(King) Rudrasingha shifted the capital of Ahom kingdom from Gargaon to this place and named the new capital as 'Rangpur'.

'Dikhow' river was on the North of the town. A garh near 'Namdang' river on the south, Baahgarh on east and Dikhow-Namdang was on the west. Rangpur was not only famous in then Assam, it was also known to the whole India. King Rudrashingha first established the capital of his empire in 'Tengabari' of Meteka area. And then he dug the famous tank of Joysagar. There after he built Talatal Ghar, Ranganath Dol, Phakuwa Dol and Vishnu Dol on the bank of Joysagar respectively. He also built the stone bridge over 'Namdang' river. Later Pramattasingha built the famous 'Ranghar' situated on the west of Talatal Ghar.

In the year 1823. Robert Bruce, a Scottish trader and explorer,
visited Rangpur, the Ahom capital. This visit opened Assam's
potentiality for Tea production.

The main road of the Rangpur was Borali. It started from Dergaon to Gargaon via Joysagar on the left bank of Brahmaputra. It was a very staright and broad road of that time in Assam. Some other significant roads around 'Rangpur' were 'Metekaali','Duboroniali', 'Borpatra ali' etc.

The royal families and officials used to stay in current days' 'Jerenga Pothaar','Rupohi Pothaar' etc. On the southern bank of Dikhow there were many 'Maidaam' of the Buragohain(Ministers of Ahom Kingdom) and the maaidams of 'Borphukan'(Generals of the kingdom) were on the northern bank.

Though Rudrasingha has established 'Rangpur' in Meteka, the existence of a town in that area was mentioned many times in the history. In fact in the days 'Sulikfa'(lora Roja), he temporarily founded a capital in this area instead of Gargaon. It was named Rajnagar at that time.

Source : Abridged version of an article written by Historian Bhuban Chandra Handique.