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The Chronology of Assam history

350 AD Pushya Varman became the first king of Kamrupa. He established Varman Dynasty.
594 AD Kumar Bhaskar Varman became the king of Kamrupa.
629 AD Chinese Buddhist scholar/traveler Xuanzang visits Kamarupa.
650 AD Kumar Bhaskar Varman Dies. End of the great Varman Dynasty.
655 AD Salasthamba establishes Mlechchha dynasty in Kamarupa.
900 AD Brahmapala establishes Pala dynasty in Kamarupa.
1100 AD End of Pala Dynasty with the fall of last king Jaypala.

Medieval Assam
1185 AD Prithu establishes the Khen dynasty and the Kamata kingdom.
1187 AD Birpal establishes Chutiya kingdom in Sadiya.
1206 AD Muslims first attack Assam.
1228 AD First Ahom king Sukafa enters Assam.
1252 AD Sukafa establishes first Ahom capital in Charaideo.
1257 AD Malik Uzbek Khan attacks Kamrupa.
1440 AD Xhen Dynasty is established.
1449 AD Srimanta Sankardev is born.
1515 AD Viswa Singha establishes Koch dynasty.
1522 AD Chutiya kingdom annexed to Ahom Kingdom.
1527 AD The first Muslim invasion of the Ahom kingdom by Nusrat Shah fails.
1532 AD Turbak attacks Ahom kingdom, but ends in failure after some initial success.
1539 AD Ahom king establishes capital in Gargaon.
1540 AD Nara Narayan succeeds his father to the throne of Kamata kingdom.
1548 AD Assam witnesses devastating earthquake.
1563 AD Chilarai occupies Ahom capital Garhgaon, ends with Koch-Ahom treaty..
1568 AD Srimanta Sankardev dies.
1587 AD Naranarayana of Koch dynasty dies.
1609 AD Momai Tamuli Borbarua restructures Paik system in Ahom kingdom.
1615 AD Ahom-Mughal conflicts begin.
1662 AD Mir Jumla attacks Ahom kingdom and occupies Garhgaon, the Ahom capital..
1667 AD Mughals under general Ram Singh advanced upto Gauhati to retake it.
1671 AD The battle of Saraighat between Ahom and Mughals. Ahoms under genral Lachit Borphukan wins.
1681 AD Gadadhar Singha becomes Ahom King.
1682 AD Batlle of Itakhuli. Ahom wins and this ends the conflict between Ahom-Mughal
1714 AD The Great Ahom king Rudra Singha dies.
1769 AD First Moamoria rebellion, Ahom capital falls to the rebels.
1783 AD Second Moamoria rebellion, Ahom capital Rangour falls to the rebels for the second time.
1786 AD Third Moamoria rebellion.
1794 AD British Captain Thomas Welsh restores Rangpur to Ahom king from Moamora rebels. The Ahom capital shifts to Jorhat.
1815 AD First Burmese Invasion of Assam.
1819 AD Second Burmese Invasion.
1821 AD Third Burmese Invasion.
1823 AD Tea leaves discovered in Assam.
1825 AD Crude Oil discovery in Assam.
1826 AD Yandaboo treaty between British East India company and Burmese King. The treaty opens door for British occupation of Assam.

Modern Assam
1830 AD The first freedom fighter of Assam, Piyoli Phukan is hanged.
1837 AD Bangla is made official language of Assam by British creating controversy
1843 AD Sivasagar sees first High school of Assam.
1846 AD First assamese magazine Orunodoi published.
1853 AD A giant asteroid strikes the Brahmaputra river.
1858 AD Famous freedom fighter Maniram Dewan is hanged.
1861 AD Phulguri Dhewa, first peasant uprising against British.
1865 AD Assam gets Telegraph and telephone connections.
1873 AD Assamese becomes official language again.
1874 AD Assam is separated from Bengal and becomes an independent state.
1889 AD First publication of Assamese magazine 'Junaki'.
1894 AD Patharughat raijmel fired upon, villagers tortured and property confiscated.
1897 AD Assam witnesses a devasting earthquake killing thousands of people.
1900 AD Tea research center is established in Tukulai, Jorhat.
1901 AD Cotton is established in Gauhati. Asia's first Oil refinery is established in Digboi.
1917 AD First meeting of Assam Sahitya Sabha. Padmanath Gohainbaruah becomes the first president.
1921 AD Mahatma Gandhi visits Assam.
1926 AD National Congress conference helds in Pandu.
1942 AD Quit India movement starts in Assam. Kanaklata and her companion Mukunda Kakoti were gunned down by British Police.
1947 AD India gets independence. Assam becomes a state. First medical college is established in Dibrugarh.
1961 AD Assamese becomes state's official language.
1962 AD China attacks India and Assam becomes the first victim.
1963 AD Nagaland separates out from Assam.
1972 AD Manipur, Tripura, Mijoram and Arunachal Pradesh are also separated out from Assam.
1974 AD Dispur becomes Capital of Assam.
1979 AD Assam Movement starts on demand of stopping Bangladeshi Immigrants. Presidential rule in state.
1987 AD Second Bridge on Brahmaputra Koliabhumura is inaugrated.