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Sibsagar at a glance

Geographical location :

Situated between 94.25° and 95.25° Longitude East and 25.45° and 27.15° Latitude North .
It has elevation of 86.6 Mtrs above the sea level.

Climate :

Sivasagar carries a pleasant weather throughout the year. The temperature ranges from 8° in winter to 35° during summer. The district is characterised by highly humid atmosphere and abounded rains .The regular rains of the summer generally prevent the prevalence of the hot weather . After the rainy season the cooler autumn start from October and real cold weather prevails from the end of November and continues till the middle of February . The winter season is followed by the reason of occasional thunder storms from March to May . The Temperature begins to rise from the beginning of March and in July and August it reaches the maximum .

Highlights :

Sub Divisions:
Important towns:
Sivasagar(District Headquarter)
Population (As per 2001 census):
Total Population : 1051736
Male :545476
Female : 506260
Rural : 954557
Urban : 97179
Sex Ratio per 1000 Males 928 Females
Density per sq.Km : 394