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Mohadustor Dustobudhdhi

Late Dr Bhabendranath Saikia's contribution to children literature is immense. He was the editor of once most popular assamese children magazine "Xophura" from 1982 to 1996. During this period he published many hilarious children stories. There was a section in that magazine called "Mohdustor Dustobuddhi" became very popular and stories of various authors published there including Dr Saikia. The stories published from Saikia in that section were later compiled into a book named "Mohadustor Dustobudhdhi". The book became popular too and it was given the form of a video play.

Read few stories from "Mohadustor Dustobudhdhi"

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STORY ONE - page 1

STORY ONE - page 2

STORY TWO - page 1

STORY TWO - page 2

STORY THREE - page 1

STORY THREE - page 2

STORY FOUR - page 1

STORY FOUR - page 2

STORY FOUR - page 3

STORY FIVE - page 1

STORY FIVE - page 2

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